ASAP Supporting Musicians Spotlight – Luka Bloom & Miguel Heatwole

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Luka Bloom – Ireland

Luka Bloom is prolific in his ability to write catchy folk inspired songs that get the crowd singing along. Whether it be during his music festival tours around the world, or his closer quarter gigs, he’s always one of the favourite acts on show.

Luka is probably one of the most well known musicians who’s been kind enough to support us with our work at ASAP and been happy to allow us to quote him and his thoughts here. Luka has elected his song “Warrior” from the Frugalisto album, which you can see the video for here:

Luka had some powerful things to share with us regarding his opinion on where human consciousness lies right now, and the things we need to change.

“There is so much aggression and anger in the world right now, this song is important to me.
It is asking people to become advocates for peace, for the earth itself.
To be brave enough to cry, be vulnerable, and truly feel the suffering of others, and become advocates for them.
I believe it is in our own vulnerability where our greatest power lives.
This song is a call to open up your actual arms to the plight of the other, and the plight of the earth itself.
The earth needs us to change, and soon. We need to be brave now.
‘You want to be a warrior’?”

And about his inspiration for the song of the same title as his most recent album: “Frugalisto”:

“The inspiration for Frugalisto came from a realisation that life is so much more than being a consumer of ‘stuff’.
Increasingly these days we are becoming consumers, more than citizens.
I have decided to challenge myself to question, every time I go to buy more ‘stuff’.
Everytime I choose to fly; drive.
The damage we are doing to the Earth through our addictive consumption is frightening.
And on a global scale it is unsustainable.
The song Frugalisto is inspired by a group of young men and women near where I live.
They belong to Moy Hill Community Garden, near Lahinch in county Clare.
They grow as much of their own food as is possible.
They are great.
I am learning…”

You can find out more about Luka Bloom, including when and where you might catch him on tour by visiting his website which is found here.

May Luka’s music continue to inspire us to come together and make the changes needed.


Miguel Heatwole – Australia

Miguel Heatwole is a passionate musician, who’s also well versed in creating folk tunes on his own and musically directing the choir group known as Ecopella, which was first founded in 1998, and have been singing together ever since.

Miguel more recently transitioned to working as a full time musician, and his time is divided between his work with the above mentioned projects. He lives and works not far from ASAP headquarters, in Sydney, Australia. Miguel has been greatly supportive of the work we’ve been doing here at ASAP, and had the following thoughts to share about the work we’re doing in this area:

One of the most powerful things that we can do for the future is to stop financing its destruction and move our money to banks or super funds that don’t invest in the fossil fuel industry.
As more and more people and institutions concerned about catastrophic climate change divest from coal and oil, the large energy corporations begin to feel pressure to support renewables.

You can hear some of his music on his soundcloud page here. You can also find out more about what Miguel Heatwole is up to by visiting his website here, and to support his future work, you can visit his page on

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