“Dangerous Song – Blue” A Personal Review

I was recently lucky enough to see the 2nd ever showing of Dangerous Song – Blue, at Scenic World in my local town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. This is a performance by Linsey Pollack, Lizzie O’Keefe and David Hannan, which combines both audio and visual presentations to create a never before seen experience, […]


ASAP Supporting Musicians Spotlight – Luka Bloom & Miguel Heatwole

  Luka Bloom – Ireland Luka Bloom is prolific in his ability to write catchy folk inspired songs that get the crowd singing along. Whether it be during his music festival tours around the world, or his closer quarter gigs, he’s always one of the favourite acts on show. Luka is probably one of the […]


Great Musicians Behind The GSC!

We’ve been very fortunate this year to have the support of some famous names in the music world. On a personal note, I’ve been very lucky to witness a couple of these musicians play here in my very own home town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Here’s a brief introduction into these wonderful musicians. […]


The Beautiful Choirs Of Blackheath Choir Festival

We recently got a chance to listen to the beautiful voices of many of the choirs who performed at Blackheath Choir Festival. Here’s some images we captured from that magical weekend.   Andalus Arabic Choir and Sydney Jewish Choral Society Blue Mountains Youth Choir 1-4 Crowd Around Jubila Singers Sing Australia Dubbo Sydney Trade Union […]


5 Inspirational Videos About the Environment & Compassion | ASAP

1. Prince Ea – ‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’ “The thing about truth is, it can be denied, not avoided.” – Prince Ea A truly invigorating spoken word poem on the actions we’ve taken that have destroyed this planet, and the actions we must take now to redirect ourselves towards revival. Prince Ea shares with us […]


Where Poetry Meets Nature | GLObalvision Song Contest

Welcome to the poetry page of the GLObalvision Song Contest! A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted their poem thus far – they have been absolutely wonderful to read. Some very powerful messages surging through! Want to write your own poem about nature, sustainability and your vision of a green future? Look here for […]


Festival of Dreams: Interview with Christine Morrison

The Festival of Dreams on September 12th was indeed a spiritual moment, as Christine Morrison, the last singer of the day, gave a memorising performance that felt both personal and alluring. It was the Kanyini chant – a spiritual and immersive tune. Everyone was encouraged to join in as lyric sheets were passed throughout the […]

Launch GSC

Launch of the GLObalvision Song Contest at EcoXpo!

On November 29th As Sustainably As Possible proudly presented the GLObalvision Song Contest (GSC) launch at EcoXpo, Sydney! EcoXpo is an annual sustainable exhibition where companies that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and sell natural products come together to showcase eco-living. The GSC kicked off on the main stage at 11:00am with the sunshine beaming down. The […]

GSC GLObalvision Song Contest

Want to be inspired by kids and adults singing about their passions?

We proudly present the launch of the GLObalvision Song Contest! As Sustainably As Possible is a proud sponsor of the GSC, which was initially launched at Sydney’s EcoXpo on Saturday 29 November 2014, and will be re-launched very soon! Also launched in Ireland in March 2015, the GSC aims to create a global movement through the power […]

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