Founder and Director

Baglady Shirley Lewis

As Baglady, I make a lot of friends of all ages. I became a Baglady when I instigated the Howard government-funded National Plastic Bag Awareness Week held in November 2001. Then I spent 10years back in N.Ireland, where my projects for local and regional government included 2 NEEDabag? campaigns 2005 – 2007. (http://www.bagladyproductions.org).

In 2009 I launched Pledge ASAP = As Sustainably As Possible, which gained strong support from schools, and then from politicians – more than half the NI Assembly by August 2011 + MPs, MEPs and Irish TDs.

I brought ASAP back to Australia for the Oz ASAP launch August 2013 and launched the GLObal TV SHOw in March 2013. I’ve worked in a wide range of professions: journalist (BBC 1973-6, ABC 1972-3 and ’76-7) teaching English to migrants. Novel: Notes on My Madness published 1990; acupuncturist/natural therapist in Katoomba and Lithgow 1982-2001 then films and Baglady work, since 1999. Most important job so far: Mother to my 2 sons.


What I’m proud of doing:  Living ASAP 24/7.  It’s the greatest!

What I can do better: Be more aware if ordering food at a takeaway to ask what the packaging is and say no to plastic/polystyrene etc.


Executive Producer

Joe Lewis

I’ve come from a background in broadcasting and production. I believe in the not too distant future we’ll look back at the fossil fuels years and be mystified as to why renewable energy wasn’t the norm? The threat to life as we know it seems is now generally widely accepted as truth. Being the eternal optimist I don’t believe its too late to change our bad habits and leave behind us a better world than the one we found! Sustainability isn’t hippy mumbo jumbo its just common sense and not only makes the world a better place but makes you feel like a better person in the process.


What I’m proud of doing: being a part of Team ASAP.

What I can do better: learning to find ways to compost in an apartment building and build a communal herb farm.


Communications Manager 


I’m Katherine, ASAP’s communications manager. Having worked at ASAP for over a year now, I believe that the positive, practical messages it spreads about environmental sustainability is crucial, particularly in a world when our actions will likely affect people we do not even know and countries we do not even live in.

Currently, I study a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), and hope to one day spread a similar message of inspiration – one that will motivate anyone out there to not only think, but also act.


What I’m proud of doing: I almost always take public transport or walk, instead of driving a car. I don’t buy coffee in disposable cups, and I find efficient ways to save water around the house, whether it’s taking shorter showers or using greywater.

What I can do better: In the future, I’d like to eliminate my usage of plastic bottles and bags.


Graphics Designer


I’m Brittney, a volunteer graphic designer and content creator at ASAP. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts – Media at Macquarie University and I hope to continue working for environmental organisations after completing my degree. The message that ASAP promotes is incredibly important to me: I think that we should all try and live as sustainably as possible within our lives and to take care of our planet, as it’s the only one we’ve got!


What I’m proud of doing: One thing I do to help our environment is that I don’t drive, I much prefer taking public transport or walking, as this helps minimise my carbon footprint.

What I can do better: One thing I wish to change is to eliminate all meat and dairy products out of my diet and to live with more awareness of my environment.



MyPicture copy copy - Version 2

I am a public relations, communications specialist and writer with over a decade’s experience in the development and delivery of creative and compelling strategic marketing and PR campaigns.

Passionate about connecting with audiences and creating discussion, my main areas of interest and expertise lie within CSR, health, environmental, social and conscious leadership.

A lover of the wild and remote, I was born and raised on the edge of England’s beautiful Lake District and carry an innate connection to the land and natural aesthetic. When not working, I spend my time absorbed in the beauty of the Australian bush, sharing the wonder of the world with my young son and husband, challenging myself with new adventures, exploring creative possibilities and embracing a more conscious way of living.


What I’m proud of doing: Growing, making, walking, cycling and questioning!

What I can do better: Learn to refuse more than just reuse and recycle.


Website Designer


Originally from a hospitality career background, I strove early on to find my own path and create skills for myself which allowed me more time, money and freedom.

For coming up to 10 years now, I’ve been learning and practicing the skills of building online web properties, online sales, online advertising, traffic generation (getting more people to see your stuff), using intelligent social media and many other things in the online and offline business world.

I’ve used these skills successfully for building both my own businesses online, and helping clients, friends and now family in the move towards bringing my line of work through to help the team at pledgeasap.com.

I believe I’ve been very lucky, blessed in fact, with the knowledge that I’ve stumbled across. I now believe I have a duty to use that knowledge in ethical ways which bring about a better world, on a small scale at first, and hopefully eventually on a much larger scale. Let’s make sustainability a social norm, and teach the next generation how to live with conscious connection to the earth.

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