“Dangerous Song – Blue” A Personal Review

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I was recently lucky enough to see the 2nd ever showing of Dangerous Song – Blue, at Scenic World in my local town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

This is a performance by Linsey Pollack, Lizzie O’Keefe and David Hannan, which combines both audio and visual presentations to create a never before seen experience, with the aim of helping us get in touch with our desire to take action and do what we can to preserve our environment during this time of ever increasing environmental risk.

For those of us who either NEED the beauty of our environment to connect with and FEEL something greater than ourselves, or just simply appreciate it and value it as an important part of life, this is a show that you won’t want to miss. If you weren’t really aware of how many of our planet’s flora are now either already extinct, endangered or at high risk, then this show will be a stark reminder, presented in a beautiful and moving way.

This unique show is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, with the shockingly beautiful combination of Lizzie’s voice (which I imagine as being about as close to “Angelic” as it gets), with Linsey’s incredible on the fly animal sound track combinations, and the explosively colourful underwater cinimatrography done by David Hannan.

During the performance (as shown in the image here) Lizzie and Linsey can be partially seen performing live behind a holographic like see-through projection of Hannan’s cinematographic work in the foreground.

The performance is split into several segments, which seem to focus on a certain type of sea creature, and displays some of the amazing beauty that can be seen in our oceans. Some of the creatures that I found most beautiful, were the sea slugs with their magnificent combinations of colours and patterns.

Ultimately it’s hard to describe the beauty of this show, but it comes highly recommended, and everyone that I spoke with found it very moving.

There are currently no dates setup for the next showing, but with demand I’m sure it will be performed again. So if you’re interested in seeing this very unique and magical performance, then I recommend you get in touch with them directly over at the website and let them know how much you’d love to see the show.

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