GLObalvision Song Contest Winner!

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We are pleased to announce AKoVA as the winner of the GLObalvision Song Contest.



The GLObalvision Song Contest is all about people performing songs that share the urgency and excitement of living a sustainable lifestyle; songs that inspire and encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The first round of the GLObal Vision song contest concluded in December last year, with round 2 just around the corner – beginning 13 July.

In round 1 we were able to experience many beautiful songs from all over the world,

We want to thank all those who sent in songs for the first-ever GLObalvision Song Contest. It was a hard decision to choose a winner, and in a sense, you are all winners for engaging, inspiring and motivating us through song, to live a more sustainable life. However, after careful thought and discussion, we’ve decided to award AKoVA with 1st place!

Hailing from the Gold Coast, AKoVA is multi-instrumentalist who takes us on a profound, emotive journey with his music. He just doesn’t belong in one genre; rather, he creates a unique kind of sound that we cannot help but admire. This is music played from the heart and simply inspiring.

Have a listen to AKoVA’s lovely entry, ‘The Revolution’.

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    • Paul Payten
    • June 4, 2016

    What a great ambassador for the planet. Congrats on yiur successful and amazing contest guys. Go ASAP!

    • Reply

      Thanks so much Paul for dropping by, and for your kind words! We have Round 2 of the GLObalvision Song Contest coming soon :)

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