Radio ASAP

Think green. Think fun. Think big.

Radio ASAP = As Sustainably As Possible – is an exciting new environmental podcast series.
Look forward to interviews with:

Climate scientists

Green celebrities

Environmental musicians


Looking for tips to live more sustainably – and want to have a good laugh along the way?
You’ve arrived at the right place.

This podcast series is the brainchild of Shirley ‘Baglady’ Lewis, environmental activist,
veteran journalist and broadcaster, and mother.

It broadcasts sustainability and fun for people who care about the environment, by people
who care about the environment.

Our key message? While environmental action is urgent and necessary, it can also be exciting.

The emphasis is on the practical: we need to take action, but what kinds of action
do we need to take as citizens of this world?

No matter your age, gender and nationality, we all have a responsibility to take care of
the Earth and our environment.

So 2 questions for you:

What are you doing environmentally that you’re proud of?
What can you do better?

Share your responses and pics on our Facebook page!

Radio ASAP is about celebrating our green achievements. But more than that, 
it’s about finding new ways to be more sustainable – to be as sustainably as
we possible can.

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