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Baglady Friends and Family – Shout-out to the World

We would like to thank Olivia, Claire and Dylan from Rising Sun Energy;
Colette Stewart and Niall Bakewell from Friends of the Earth; Iris Cody; Noni McDevitt; AKoVA; Jasper Road Public School and Eco Schools Australia; and Luka Bloom for their contributions to this podcast.

Produced by: Tim Eldridge at King Sound Studios.
Conceived and Presented by: Shirley ‘Baglady’ Lewis, Katherine O’Chee, Brittney Klein.

Songs featured in the podcast:
Luke Bloom – Change;
AKoVA – The Revolution.

Climate – To Act or Not To Act?
Part 1

Two Sydney students, Katherine O’Chee, of University of Sydney and Brittney Klein, of Macquarie University, talk about how to stop procrastinating the world!

Part 2

Two Sydney students, Katherine O’Chee, of University of Sydney, and Brittney Klein, of Macquarie University, talk about the problems surrounding the current rhetoric on climate change.

Sustainability in Adelaide

Presented by Katherine O’Chee.

Rights of Nature Tribunal 1-4 – Brisbane Australian Environmental Law Alliance (AELA)
AELA No. 1

AELA No. 2
ALEA No. 3
AELA No. 4
What is ASAP?

“We cannot achieve sustainability in an unjust world.” – Niall Bakewell.
(Image caption: Rising Sun Energy campaigning from California for Green Youth Jobs).

Many voices tell us how to do it.

Presented by Shirley Lewis, Katherine O’Chee and Brittney Klein.

We would like to thank:
Douglas Brown, speaking with the words of David Suzuki;
Mariam Farrell (Derry, Northern Ireland);
Rising Sun Energy (California);
Niall Bakewell (Belfast, Northern Ireland);
Paul Payten (Bermagui, Australia);
The Children of Sacred Hearts School (Ballyclare, Ireland).

Music by:
‘No Light’ by Aurora Blue (Canada);
‘The Revolution’ by AKoVA (Gold Coast, Australia).

Our children

Young and old come together to discuss our children’s future.

Brittney’s Beach Piece

Why is our coasts disappearing? What’s happening to our coastlines? University student Brittney Klein speaks about the fading shorelines of her local beach.

Solar Pilot

Let’s talk about the wonders of SOLAR: solar panels, solar bikinis, cute kids sharing their thoughts about the sun… and much, much more.

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