Worldies, Not Selfies

There are far too many wasting their lives these days taking “selfies”, it’s almost become a cultural obsession, and one that possibly shows how far humans have to go in terms of walking the evolutionary path…

With this in mind, our goal is to document and share as many “worldies” with you as we can, and this page shall serve as a gallery for that purpose.

PLEASE send us your worldies not selfies….!   and tell us your name,  and age if you like! Also, where you are and what’s in the picture [if it isn’t obvious].

Katoomba, Australia



Bondi Beach, Australia



Bondi Recycles. Bondi Separates.

Baglady comment: This works….!  
What’s your favourite beach like with recycling and rubbish…. ?? send us your pictures! and comments

Leura, Australia


Baglady alongside an overflowing bin, out the front of Coles in Leura. What can we do about this?

Katoomba, Australia

Which is more sustainable?

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